Friday, October 24, 2008

Dexter Filkins, The Forever War.

I had the pleasure of attending a talk given by Dexter at the Decatur Library. The book gives chilling accounts of thing Dexter has witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I like the book because it is a series of short stories. My time to read is so limited, that makes it tough to get through a book.

I also liked that the book was very nonpartisan. However, it was not hard for me to dislike "you know who" even more after reading the book. Just my opinion.

The slide show of breathtaking photographs was the highlight of the talk. Taken by photographer James Hill. (If you're over 40 it's a slide show, if you're under 40 it's a PowerPoint!)

How shall I say this, Dexter is "easy on the eyes" and has a wonderful personality.

This clip is from Google Books, and is very close to the presentation in Atlanta.

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Delie said...

Great post, Mavis. Thanks.
I have read The Forever War. I have it two editions, English and French. It was really amazing to get his book translated and available in French at the same time than the English one. I was glad to see that a French publisher bought the rights and did not wait for months to release it. Glad to see that in my country some people cares about what Dexter Filkins had to say...