Friday, January 16, 2009

More Afghanistan updates and a slide-show

The latest from Dexter Filkins for The New York Times:

Afghan Bombs Kill 14; 5 From U.S.
(Published: January 9, 2009)

Biden Arrives in Afghanistan to Discuss the War
(Published: January 10, 2009)

Afghan Schoolgirls Undeterred by Attack
(Published: January 14, 2009)

And an article for "Scotland on Sunday"
A narco nation on the take (Published: January 11, 2009)

On The New York Times website, a slide-show with Danfung Dennis' photos is available: “The resilience of Kandahar”

(photo credited to Danfung Dennis for The New York Times)

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maxie1218 said...

Delie, thanks for posting the latest from Dexter...I found it encouraging that during the hearing for Senator Hillary Clinton, John Kerry gave a plug of sorts for both Dexter Filkin's "Forever War" and Rory Stewart's "Places in Between."