Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'll Kill You If You Speak

I'll kill you if you speak, this article by Imma Vitelli appeared in Vanity Fair, Italy edition. It tells the story of Civita an 11 yr. old Afghan girl who two years ago was abducted and raped by her neighbor, a military commander. He put a gun to her head and told her he would kill her if she told anyone. Also she is being threatened with death by warlords in Kabul. There is a follow up article, United for Civita, which has an outpouring of support from readers who want to help her as well as other Afghan victims of brutality. Here is a rough Google Italian-English translation of the original article and the United for Civita article.
Civita, photo by Yuri Kozyrev


maxie1218 said...

Another story which just BREAKS your heart to pieces. The photo of Civita by Yuri Kozyrev is amazing. It really captures and represents the sadness and pain of Civita and other children of violence.

Thanks for the post Sharon.

Delie said...

I agree: another heartbreaking story about children in Afghanistan.
Thanks for the post and the links, Sharon.