Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maziar Bahari: Iranian guards were "masters of psychological torture."

On Sunday's GPS, Fareed Zakaria spoke with Maziar Bahari, the Newsweek reporter who was detained in Iran after the election protests and spent 118 days in jail there. It was an incredible interview and a stark reminder that the dangers journalists face are not just from guns and bombs.

CNN has not posted the full interview on its own, but the podcast of the entire program is available and the Bahari interview is the first segment. Apparently his Iranian interrogators told him that Fareed is a CIA agent and also used a clip from The Daily Show as "evidence" that Bahari was meeting with spies while in Iran.


Sharon said...

Also want to add that Mr. Bahari had another incredible interview on 60 Minutes on Sunday Nov. 22.
Best Wishes to the Bahari family, I hope over time he will heal.

maxie1218 said...

Make sure to check out his cover story in Newsweek. He is able to cover more ground and details of his ordeal and captivity.