Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yuri Kozyrev | Russian Legacy and Loss | Karabash and the Yamal Peninsula

Although Yuri Kozyrev is still a war photojournalist and is headed back to Iraq in the next few weeks, his latest project along with his NOOR colleagues has been to document the devastating effects of climate change on people around the world. In Yuri's case he went to Karabash and the Yamal peninsula and has put together a video with a series of photos and voice-over explanation in English of his experiences for this documentary. The video will be shown along with all his NOOR colleagues videos next week at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.


maxie1218 said...

Very dark and sad, but captivating at the same time...Once again, some amazing work by Yuri. Thanks for the link Sharon.

Delie said...

Listening to Yuri Kozyrev! A very interesting experience. Thanks, Sharon. "Captivating" is the word!