Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dexter Filkins/Charlie Rose 16 Feb 2009

Dexter Filkins is back from Afghanistan and was one of the guests on Charlie Rose's program Monday:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Afghanistan updates "of the month"

One month later, I'm back with the links to Dexter Filkins' articles, another slide-show with Danfung Dennis photos, and some other things...

Dexter’s articles from The New York Times:
Taliban Fill NATO’s Big Gaps in Afghan South
(Published: January 21, 2009)

Afghan Presidential Election Delayed
(Published: January 29, 2009)

Bomber Kills 21 Policemen in Afghanistan
(Published: February 2, 2009)

Leader of Afghanistan Finds Himself Hero No More
(Published: February 7, 2009)

Afghan Civilian Deaths Rose 40 Percent in 2008
(Published: February 17)
Danfung Dennis’ photos:
Troops Spread Thin in Southern Afghanistan
(Published: January 22, 2009)
NBC's Richard Engel is a pretty busy Chief Foreign Correspondent. After three weeks in Israel/Egypt/Gaza, then two weeks in Iraq to cover the recent elections, he is now “back” in Afghanistan. Here is his latest report “Losing Ground to the Taliban

And I would feel guilty and bad if I end this post without mentioning Atia Abawi. The new CNN Kabul Bureau Chief is doing very well in Afghanistan. Click on this link to see her latest reports on

She has been on CNN/I BackStory a few times. On this clip, she talks about her new assignment (December 15, 2008):

And a behind-the-scene, with CNN photojournalist Mark Phillips (February 12):

See month?

(photo credited to Danfung Dennis for The New York Times)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yuri Kozyrev wins World Press Photo award

Yuri Kozyrev has won first prize in the Singles Portrait category of the World Press Photo awards. His stunning photograph can be seen on their website. Thanks to Sharon for that info!