Friday, February 26, 2010

CNN crew in combat - Operation Moshtarak

CNN International Correspondent Atia Abawi and CNN photographer Mary Rogers have been embedded with the US Marines (1/6’s Alpha) for Operation Moshtarak, in Marjah (Helmand province, Afghanistan).

They have filed many reports and videos available on the blog “Afghanistan Crossroads”.
Don’t miss Atia’s Reporter’s diary and these two must-seen videos:

A “natsound” (without reporter voice) with US Marines on patrol:

A behind-the-scenes of the embed (with also NBC crew – Sebastian Rich)

You can also check Atia Abawi’s Facebook page for more info about this embed and follow her on Twitter.


Sharon said...

Delie, thanks so much for this post of Atia's videos and links. Atia is an amazing war correspondent and it's great to see her work. Mary is also a very daring camera person. I hope they will get a vacation soon they deserve it.

maxie1218 said...

I ditto Sharon's sentiments!! Atia is one dedicated reporter!!! Thanks for the post Delie..I have been so busy with the move that I have had little time to keep up with everything.